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Do your Best in the college admissions process. Unlimited one-on-one professional guidance for school selection, visits, interviews, essays, and applications.

Performing Arts

Leverage your artistic talent in the college admissions process. Whether you plan to major in performance or pursue academics at a highly selective college, we can help you orchestrate your college search.

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Count on us to orchestrate your college search with a steady hand and expert direction. We work on your schedule without limits to help you land at your Best College Fit.


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The opportunities are seemingly endless students graduating with Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math degrees. Work with us to find your Best College Fit with an extraordinary STEM and / or Pre-Med program. We can find you exciting options that enable you to engage in undergraduate research as well as secure internships / co-ops.



We expertly support talented students in pursuing their passion. We also are well versed in the audition process. Rely on us to orchestrate your college search to your Best College Fit program whether it is at a conservatory or within a university.



We can help you target your best undergraduate business and Pre-Law programs. Let’s roll up our sleeves and analyze your college options that can open doors at top companies and law schools. Or if you dream to launch your own brand, we can seek out entrepreneurial programs.

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