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Now is the time to dream big in 2018. Since you cannot perform a symphony alone, we here at Best College Consulting orchestrate your college search.  I proudly conduct my talented students like you with a steady hand, clear vision, and structure. I rehearse you to shine on the college admissions stage.  


College can be the best time of your life, especially at your Best College Fit. Where you choose to attend college is a very personal decision. Have your neighbors, friends, or family suggested their favorite school to you? Perhaps it is a school they root for, attended, or sent their kids to. But does their school fit you?


As an independent college consultant and member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, I don’t root for schools. Instead, I treat you exactly as I did my own child throughout this process. I strive to harmonize with you to best serve you personally in the college admissions process. I share experiences from colleges I visit and conduct custom research on schools that fit you. I also leverage insight from the national team of college consultants in the consortium I founded. My recommendations are unbiased, and ultimately you are the CEO of your team: you decide which schools you like and which you do not.  


In building your Best College Fit list, we pinpoint schools from a potential pool of hundreds. Your custom ranking prioritizes the factors that uniquely drive your college selection. You benefit from my skills in information and analysis to target options that may not have been on your radar. We customize your search to locate schools based on where you want to live for the next four years. It is your call how far from home you want to venture. You decide whether you want to be in the big city or near the mountains or ocean. Do you want the intimacy of a small school or perhaps the spirit of a large university? Based on your desired major or potential majors, we then narrow your list and prioritize based on student experience and outcomes at any given school. As money does not grow on trees, we search for your best opportunities for merit scholarships and financial need-based gift aid.  


Bottom line, I recommend that you apply to a balanced list of safeties, targets, and reaches to ensure you have the best choices. Ultimately, only one school will be fortunate enough to enroll you in their freshman class. My goal is to see you excited to step on campus, feel at home, and thrive at your Best College Fit.


So dream big, and I look forward to sharing blog posts with you each week.


All the Best,


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