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High school is supposed to be a memorable time in our life. It should be an innocent time to live, love and learn, as well as dream, and celebrate. Students should enjoy homecoming, clubs, classes, sports, music, art, theater, college acceptances, the prom and graduation. But for 14 students this week, their dreams were tragically ended along with their lives, in a school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

This is a time of profound sadness and intense loss that hit close to home. One of my classmates from Oceanside High School lost his daughter in this senseless attack on Valentine’s Day. Meadow had a bright future ahead of her, including plans to graduate in June, and attend Lynn University in the Fall. She was beloved by her family and friends. Now a precious soul is gone way too soon. Today was her funeral.

Although more than 30 years have passed since my high school class graduated, neither time nor distance has shaken our bond. Classmates have shared their condolences, but more importantly their compassion, love and prayers. After this unthinkable loss, we are each doing our part to help our classmate’s family survive in this time of need.

Best College Consulting mourns for all the students who tragically lost their lives this week in Parkland. We pray that no family should ever have to worry their children are in danger while at school. We advocate for changes here in Florida, and around the country, to keep all students safe.

The Best College Consulting family will work with Stoneman Douglas HS to donate a scholarship. May their memory be a blessing.


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