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Today is May 1 and that means it is decision day for high school seniors. After a long process, midnight is your deadline to select which college to attend next year.

This is a very personal choice as you launch into the next chapter of your life. Please allow me to share some wisdom before you hit accept. As an Independent College Consultant, I orchestrate the college search for a hand selected group of amazing students like you.

Hopefully as we are hours before the deadline, you have several college options. I always say you should love your list, so if that is the case you should be excited about the schools that offered you admission. Ultimately you can only attend one college so let’s focus on how to win on decision day.  

Here are four questions you should answer before you select your college and post your celebratory picture on social media:

  1. Which college fits you best?
  2. Where will you be happiest?
  3. Why will your final choice yield the best outcome?
  4. How is this school affordable for you and your family?

If you notice, your choice is not as simple as picking the “top ranked’ school you were accepted to. Your satisfaction can impact your success so you might be the most successful at the school that fits you best. Happiness over the next four years is valuable.

Additionally, rather than simply trying to minimize cost, please consider how you can maximize your return on investment (ROI). Outcomes matter including on time graduation rates, landing top jobs and launching into top careers and graduate programs.

Please realize all schools are not created equal. Invest time today to make an educated decision. Here is wishing you an amazing college experience. Please share your final decision so we can congratulate you!

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