What is your best college plan?

Let’s consider how you will take it to the next level. You have worked hard throughout high school. Achieved good grades, were involved in extracurricular activities and scored well on standardized tests. 

If you are expecting colleges to come knocking on your door and shower you with acceptances and scholarships that is not happening. Now is the time for a reality check. If you fail to plan for college, you are essentially setting a plan to fail. 

Let’s step through some of the risks you may face if you fail to plan for college. I can predict your college list will probably include schools you do not like and lack schools you actually like a lot. Next, you might flat out miss some application deadlines. Or not realizing what colleges actually cost or what you can pay, you might end up with no affordable college options. Academically you might select a school that does not offer your desired major. 

The cost of a poor college plan can be very painful. Many colleges load up their financial aid packages with loans. Others simply do not even try to meet your calculated financial need. As a result of selecting the wrong school you might transfer colleges and lose time, credits and money. Short of transferring, enrolling at a poor fit for you can mean you do not graduate on time which also is expensive.The worst financial outcome of all is borrowing for college and never graduating.

Set a positive mindset and agree to invest in yourself. Take your college planning process seriously. There are no shortcuts. This is not a time for excuses or setting barriers to prevent you from successfully building your college plan. 

Recognize your success in college admissions is measurable. Initially you will have acceptances and denials. Selecting your best college fit can be the difference between a full ride or decades of college loans. Your goal should be to graduate on time in your targeted major. Bottom line, above a great experience college should open the door to a job you are excited for or the right graduate school. 

You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take. If in your head you are fearful of rejection, you will greatly limit your options. In the end you can only enroll at one school. Expect some denials mixed in with acceptances. Let’s play to win and do not leave anything on the field. Like in baseball, if you are successful in one in every three times at the plate you are an all-star!

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