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Loving what I do makes it easy to roll out of bed and work every day. Orchestrating the college search for talented students is my pleasure and why I created Best College Consulting.


A generation ago I was a bright eyed high school student with a thick head of dark hair eager to follow my dreams. Perhaps I was naive, but I never realized attending college was a choice.  Both of my parents were the first in their family to go to college, and as a CPA and a teacher, they instilled in me how education could transform my future.  


Without online tools to research schools, our family embarked on summer college trips from Long Island in our white Oldsmobile Delta 88. Our navigation was powered by printed routes from AAA to towns like Lewisburg, Lancaster and Bethlehem, with some big cities mixed in. I was only 16, and to me these trips were (almost) as enjoyable as seeing the Mets at Shea Stadium. These campus adventures featured student tour guides who walked backwards and narrated the story of their college. Religiously I brought home college brochures to study. I enthusiastically shared my newfound knowledge with friends hoping they would follow my advice and attend college with me.  


The first steps I took on South Mountain inspired me. I was awed by natural beauty, ivy covered buildings and steep hills. Lehigh’s business school, alumni network, small student body and location piqued my interest. I found my best fit college! I carefully completed the Early Decision application with my Cross pen which was a Bar Mitzvah gift. I dropped the completed application in the mail.  


My dream of attending college came true when my acceptance arrived via postcard in my mailbox. Although Lehigh’s brochure was great, my education was even better. Professors kept me on my toes and inspired me to love learning. I personalized my education combining an accounting major with a journalism minor. Tapping into my love of sports, I leveraged my work study to lead the basketball stats crew and travel with the teams to colleges up and down the eastern seaboard. I co-founded the largest club on campus to enhance the student game day experience. I even served as Sports Editor of the Brown and White, where I was responsible for the sports section of the semiweekly newspaper.   


Lehigh enabled me to launch my business career at leading companies: Deloitte, Estée Lauder, AT&T, and FP&L. I even returned to campus to earn a free MBA and serve as a Graduate Assistant in Athletics. Amazing mentors across my career guided me through roles including Financial Analyst, Product Manager and Marketing Director. Always a student of the game, I learned skills that are now the foundation of how I serve my students, such as researching, analyzing data, brainstorming, motivating teams and managing to deadlines.

Today as a business owner, I share my love of colleges to the next generation. I teach them to learn about themselves, target their best fit college, and prepare for visits, interviews and auditions. My students serve as CEOs of their team, while I manage the planning process and make recommendations along the way. I inspire them to find their own voice to communicate who they are and who they want to be. I motivate them to do their best, compose memorable essays that tell their stories and open doors.  Bottom line, my students are poised to thrive in college. They are excited to step on campus in the fall and are well prepared for their freshman writing seminar.   


I may have less hair and some of it grey, but I still study colleges and enjoy touring campuses.  Now my dream, along with my wife Wendy and son Justin, is to help guide students to their best college fit, encourage them to dream big and work hard, and watch them thrive.  

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Strive For Your Best

Landing at your Best College Fit is what we strive for at Best College Consulting. Dream big, work hard, and we’ll orchestrate your college search.


1-On-1 Consulting

Enjoy customized college planning on your schedule.  We can meet 1-on-1 before or after school, nights and weekends.



Leverage unlimited expert guidance throughout your college search.  No limits on your college list: unlimited applications and essays.  We fully support you every step of the way.

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  • Dave Best Founder

    Dave is the founder and President of Best College Consulting where he orchestrates the college search for talented students.


Dream Big And Strive For Your Best College Fit

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